Andrzej Potocki – sarcophagus

Count Andrzej Potocki's tombstone was designed for the Wawel cathedral. It was an early example of Szczepkowski's work, losing the Young Poland’s style principals, focusing more on the geometric shapes that characterized the art déco style. This change, as suggested by the author of the artist’s monograph, was perhaps the aftermath of the scholarship In Paris (1907-1908), when Szczepkowski met some cubists and admired Picasso’s and Barque’s works in Parisian galleries. His honeymoon trip to Italy in 1913 and the works of Italian futurists seen there also left their mark on Szczepkowski's work.

Andrzej Kazimierz Potocki shown on the tombstone, was a Polish politician active in Galicia. He was one of the largest landowners and industrial facilities in Galicia, owning estates in Krzeszowice and Kamionka Strumiłłowa (Bużańska). In addition, his estates were, among others in Mazovia (the refractory clay mine in Grójec), Ukraine, Moravia and Hungary. Thanks to his economic proficiency, he was able to constantly increase his fortune.

Potocki worked in the Austrian diplomatic service. In the later years of his life, he became the Marshal of the National Parliment of Galicia and the Austrian governor of Galicia. He was murdered on 12 April 1908 in Lviv, by a third-year student of philosophy, Myrosław Siczynski. The news about the murder of Andrzej Potocki quickly spread all over the country. Funeral ceremonies were held on 14 April 1908 in Lviv in the Bernardine church, then the body was transported to Krzeszowice, where it was buried in the family tomb in the local church.

The dimensions of the 1922 plaster cast, covered with a yellow and red color layer, are 110 cm in length, 45 cm in width and 16 cm in depth.

Szczepkowski, however, came across the subject of the commemoration of count Potocki earlier. In the collection of the National Museum in Cracow, designs for a tombstone monument to Count Andrzej Potocki from 1913 remained.

The plaster project from 1913 is 54 cm wide, 103 cm high and 8.5 cm deep.