Museum’s mission

  The Virtual Museum of Jan Szczepkowski had its beginning in 2020, thanks to the grant the Cultural Center of Milanówek received from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage “Kultura Cyfrowa 2020” program.

  Our mission is to popularize the life’s work of one of the most outstanding art representatives of the Second Polish Republic, Jan Szczepkowski. In recent years his legacy has been forgotten, his works completely unavailable. We wanted to change that by creating a platform allowing everyone to learn his story everywhere and at any time. What’s more, we want to emphasize how important it is to protect the monuments. We want to preserve the past using new technologies. The virtual exhibition is just the beginning of the process meant to protect our heritage from disappearing. We believe we are creating an opportunity for future generations to learn new ways of gaining knowledge, promoting and sharing art.

   So here it is, welcome! We invite you to visit our virtual museum, without the need to wait in a queue for a ticket or even having to pay for it! Here you have unlimited access to all of Szczepkowski’s works we managed to digitize and write about. Enjoy your time here and stay tuned for more things we have in store for the future of our Museum!

Pierwsze spotkanie zespołu

Wizyta telewizji podczas prac digitalizacyjnych

Digitalizacja rzeźb

Przygotowanie rzeźby do skanu 3D

Studio fotograficzne w pracownii Jana Szczepkowskiego

Prelekcja na Konferencji „Kultura w 3D – 3D w kulturze"