Sketch of the Triumphal Arch 1957-1958

Sketch of the Triumphal Arch of Heroes of Warsaw made with a pencil on a piece of paper attached to plywood. It was placed in an oak frame, coated with polish.

After the destruction II World War caused, Szczepkowski felt responsible for shaping the future look of the demolished Poland’s capital city. He was very much interested in architecture and urban planning, so he started to plan Warsaw’s reconstruction during the War. The sketch represents a modified version of the Józef Piłsudski’s Triumphal Arch on Na Rozdrożu Square. The version from 1946 under the name of the Arch of Independence was created to glorify Polish history of struggle to stay independent. In 1957, when the competition for the monument commemorating heroes of Warsaw was announced, Szczepkowski presented another variant of his project.

The sketch is 105 cm high, 152 cm wide and 0,6 cm thick.