Medalion of Antoni Godlewski alias “Antek Rozpylacz”

It is a relief tombstone medallion showing the head of a young man in a German helmet in profile (right side). Chin rested on his right hand, next to the Virtuti Militari Cross. An inscription around it. The cast of the medallion is on the grave of Antoni Godlewski (1923-1944) at the Powązki Military Cemetery.

As one of the first volunteers from August 1, together with Stefan Dorociński alias “Maćek”, he took part in the battles of the unit of Captain Władysław Olszowski alias “Falcon”. He probably fought in the rank of a shooter or a corporal (this rank appeared in the certificate of March 1945). The commemorative plaques show the rank of cadet corporal.

The medallion is a plaster cast covered with a patina of grayish color with blue strokes in recesses.

Its diameter measures 52 cm and its depth is 6 cm.