Mock-up of triumphal arch “Bohaterów Warszawy” on Na Rozdrożu Square

It is a multi-element composition in the shape of two pairs of fragments of column shafts ending with separable heads. All elements are made of wood: boards and battens connected with nails. The object is 78 cm high, 80 cm wide and 27 cm deep.

The project took part in the 1957 competition for a monument dedicated to the Heroes of Warsaw, although its origins are much older. Jan Szczepkowski converted his old project from 1946 called “Łuk Niepodległości” (eng. Independence Arch) which was an idea inspired by the design of the triumphal arch in honor of Józef Piłsudski on Na Rozdrożu Square in Warsaw. The project in honor of the Marshal was foreseen as the central element of the entire district dedicated to the memory of the Chief of State.