Epitaph of Piotr Krasnodębski

It is a rectangular plaque with the flat bust of Piotr Krasnodębski in the center. Lower part of the epitaph is covered by a long inscription written in Polish.

Piotr Krasnodębski was a talented artist, painter, graphic designer, a long-time member of the Zachęta Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the Pro Arte Association of Artists. He also participated in Milanówek’s social life by being a chairman of the Citizens’ Committee in 1914, a community councilor in 1919-1927 and being active in the State Defense Committees (1920) and the Middle School Society (1919-1923). He took part in the war (1920).

In the interwar period he gave the square at the intersection of Piast Kołodziej Street and Dworska Street to the commune of Letnisko Milanówek (currently Piast Street and Kościuszko Street where the Monument of the Heroes is located). He also gave his painting of his patron saint - St. Jadwiga to the local parish.

The plaque is a plaster cast coated with dark cherry and gray patina. It is 89 cm high, 72 cm wide and 4.5 cm deep.